Tuesday, June 16, 2009

KarenToh’s Travel Tips: Greece

I visited Greece in 2002, just before they hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics. To my regret, I didn’t manage to cover Santorini and Myknonos, which are two highly recommended vacation spots in Greece. Perhaps one day, when I take a leisurely cruise of the Mediterranean, I will have the opportunity to drop in ;D

My visit to Greece was focused pretty much on Ancient Greece, and my sister and I visited Athens, Corinth, Mycenae, Sparta, Olympia, Delphi, Meteora, Thermopylae.

P.S. Please note that all images in this blog are from http://en.wikipedia.org/, as I do not have any Digital Photos to share, as I visited Greece in 2002, before I took up Digital Photography with an SLR. However, should you like to view my other Photos, you can do so at my Webshots Community Album. You can also read my other Travel Blogs here.

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